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Taking calculated risks can be rewarding in business.

Cyber risk is not one of them.

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Proactively Defending Your Business

Learn how we helped a North American E-commerce company build a strategic Cyber Incident Response program, avoiding $4.2 million in losses.

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Smaller Business, Bigger Risks.

The Solution?

Our Cyber Incident Response Program in a Box is specifically created for small and medium-size businesses. Find out how we deliver the entire detailed program in a value package right when you most need it - today.

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Helping credit unions, banks and investment firms to increase the degree of regulatory compliance, cyber awareness and overall risk mitigation preparedness.

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Industry 02

Telecom &


Advising our software product-centric clients and media agencies on DevSecOps maturity, cloud and web application security, translating into over 30x ROI.

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& Logistics

Working with leading German, British and American automotive manufacturers to conduct audits and improve cyber incident response measures.

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Industry 04

Life Sciences

& Healthcare

Working with hospitals and healthcare tech companies to assess the current state of cyber maturity and formalize Crisis Management processes helps everyone fight the good fight.

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Industry 05

Energy &


Our mutually beneficial partnerships and strategic consultancy work with North American energy powerhouses and defense contractors give us a solid foothold for energy and services sector expansion.

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Industry 06


& Public

Client work and collaboration with UK National Cybersecurity Centre, Canada's Legislative Assembly and various healthcare NFPs provide us with strong ties to national governments.

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Brittany Khan

Executive Director

Wembley Partners delivered a full spectrum Intelligence-led PenTest, and the Cyber Threat Intelligence report from Martyn provided a surprising amount of insights on the very first day.

Ashley Meyer

Manager, Cybersecurity

Competent leadership and great value. We made a switch from our current provider to Wembley Partners after their professional, precise cyber risk assessment with clear actionable reports.

Marty Smith

Director, Information Technology

Excellent, professional service from knowledgeable people who genuinely seem to care about what they do, and whose primary concern is their clients well-being.

Our Firm

Going to market since late 2019 and led by a global Board of industry professionals with over 160 years of expertise combined, Wembley Partners set out to become the world leader in Security Intelligence, Cyber Incident Management, and Assessment products and services for small to medium-size businesses, as well as enterprise companies and governments.


Recognized by NCSC as an Industry 100 company, Wembley Partners delivered over $280,000,000 in value to its clients in under 2 years.

17 Consultants with world-class certifications

60+ Major clients, including Fortune 500

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