From interactive bespoke in-person workshops designed for up to 20 members of your team to webinars and pre-recorded courses, our training packages offer a flexible way to bring your organization's talent to a whole new level.

Secure Java Programming

Secure software starts with secure code. Close the gaps in your team's security expertise when it comes to using the language behind half of the enterprise applications in the world.

Secure Python Programming

Don't make an expensive mistake of letting security be an afterthought in this rich and widely popular programming language powering Facebook, Amazon and Instagram. 

DevOps Security Automation

Take the hassle out of secure software engineering by automating your development lifecycle with tools like Azure DevOps, Polaris, Fortify, SonarQube and more.

Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst

In the ever-changing threat and business landscapes, dealing with cyber threats on a daily basis is a reality of life. Organizations today require professional-level cyber threat intelligence analysts who can extract insights from a vast variety of dispersed data, providing crucial and timely updates and driving the risk mitigation strategy.

This program addresses all the stages involved in the Threat Intelligence Life Cycle. Such attention to a realistic and futuristic approach makes CTIA one of the most comprehensive threat intelligence programs on the market today and is invaluable to your cybersecurity team. This program provides newcomers to cybersecurity with solid, professional knowledge required for a career in threat intelligence, and enhances your cybersecurity veterans' skill sets with an ability to effectively predict upcoming attacks. CTIA is desired by most cybersecurity engineers, analysts, and professions from around the world and is respected by hiring authorities for a good reason - an immense value for financial, reputational and risk mitigation aspects of any organization employing such talent.

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