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Cyber Risk Retainer & General Counsel

Cybersecurity is not a point-in-time exercise, nor is it an isolated issue. Much like legal and accounting expertise, cyber risk is an ongoing must-have consideration for any business. It requires a holistic approach carried out by an expert.

Threat Intelligence-Led Services

Risk Assessment

Using the CREST STAR framework we deliver controlled, bespoke, intelligence-led security assessments replicating the behaviours of real threat actors that pose a genuine threat to the critical assets of your business.

We use detailed scenarios provided by approved threat intelligence sources in sync with UK National Cyber Security Centre's best practices.

M&A Due Diligence

Cyber risk is often overlooked during the due diligence process, yet 2/3 of acquirers said they discovered a cybersecurity problem post-transaction that would jeopardize the deal.


Reduce your investment risk as we help you negotiate and enforce holdbacks based on the results of our cyber risk assessment - or augment your integration team with certified industry experts.

Penetration Testing

By combining accurate intelligence, based on the most likely and dangerous threats to your organization and using a simulated attack service, we help you gain a clear understanding of your level of exposure to real cyber risks, and their potential impact to the organization.


This enables you to direct your cyber security budget in a more effective manner.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

In August 2019, threat researchers identified the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) group 41, a Chinese-sponsored espionage group looking to exploit healthcare and nonprofit sectors for financial gain. Importantly, the group looks to target a specific supply chain eco-system of its targets by mapping system identifiers. Typical delivery mechanism is via Phishing with training and awareness being key to early identification and mitigation.

This is a tiny subset of the information your organization would learn through our Cyber Threat Intelligence service on a regular basis. You would also know how, when and where your key assets would be targeted, and how to best avoid being breached. By 2023 some estimated 33 billion records will be stolen by cybercriminals, and with the ever-changing cyber landscape and asset digitization, it is increasingly important that organizations like yours understand and see the attack coming before it is too late.

How We Help

By identifying threats and vulnerabilities unique to you, we offer timely intelligence threat notifications and recommendations that allow you to action a mitigation plan based on your risk threshold.

Initial cyber risk assessment performed by of our top experts.

Regular detailed threat reports, alerts and recommendations.

Monthly meetings and bi-annual intelligence sharing events.

Finally, our clients get full-time access to our threat intelligence and analytics web portal, AEGIS.

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