IMPORTANT: This version of the Toolkit is created specifically for healthcare sector companies operating in Canada. If your business does not fit this description, this version of the Toolkit may not be perfect for you.


This Toolkit is for you if you are:


  • A regional hospital
  • A clinic (including chiropractors, dental clinics, etc.)
  • A nursing home
  • A small-to-midsize pharmacy or a network of pharmacies


You know that a cyber incident will happen, and with an average cost of a breach now near $3.86M, it pays to be prepared - the key is an operationalized and efficient Cyber Incident Response program with Cyber Incident Response Plan at its core to help you ensure that effective incident-management controls are in place.


It’s not a one-size-fits-all, however, as your business is different from massive Fortune 500 companies in a number of ways:


  • Personnel (some positions may be combined in one person in a smaller company, which would typically be carried out by separate employees in a larger organization). Typically, 1-2 people may find themselves dedicated to security, and probably as a side responsibility to their primary non-security role.

  • Training (any staff member is unlikely to have received training specifically related to cybersecurity).

  • Tools (buy what you can, and improvise with what you can obtain free of charge). Most valuable tools should be the ones that automate security detection process, in order not to pull employees (who are already overwhelmed) into different directions.

  • Time (staff is likely working on multiple projects at a time, so holding long meetings is not sensible or possible).


This is precisely why we created this Cyber Incident Response Toolkit to help you - a typical organization this product is aimed for would have less than 500 employees and no more than 15 members of IT staff.


This Toolkit includes:


  • A highly detailed Cyber Incident Response Plan that provides much-needed crisis management context and guides the Response efforts within all relevant departments in your entire organization, and even outside of it.
  • Four highly technical Cyber Incident Response Playbooks - hands-on, detailed, and specific to the very particular and unique cyber threat challenges that your business is facing - covering Ransomware, DDoS, Phishing, and Malicious Network Behavior scenarios.
  • A guided virtual Tabletop/cyber crisis simulation exercise (up to 4 hours of content) that walks the participants through a bespoke scenario crafted beforehand based on threats and risks particular to your industry, providing action triggers ("injects"), benchmarking and decision-making assistance where needed.
  • Ten hours of expert consulting support. Our senior consultants with subject matter expertise in Cybersecurity Crisis Management and Digital Forensics will answer your questions, help further customize the Toolkit if needed, guide you through the content, and assist with implementing and operationalizing the program.
  • Unlimited sandbox access to AEGIS - Wembley Partners' breakthrough cyber threat intelligence platform that collects, analyzes, and processes data across 28+ global sources, supporting threat hunting, digital forensics, and cyber incident response activities.

Canada Healthcare - Cyber Incident Response Toolkit

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