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Why Us? Reason # 1

 Best of the Best

Celebrated industry leaders. Published authors. Visionaries. We only hire the best of the best, and each member of our team is professionally outstanding in one way or another.

At Wembley Partners, we come to work every day to help you solve the toughest cyber risk management problems there are, overcoming strategic challenges and navigating expensive problems.
We do this because we care - and are proud to put our names on it.

Our Global Leadership Team

Global CEO

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Logan Wolfe

Globally certified cybersecurity expert, author, speaker, entrepreneur and executive mentor with 12+ years of business consulting experience.

Director, Global Board

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Jamil French

An elite Wall Street lawyer and a private investments consultant, representing major private funds and blue chip companies.

Director, Global Board

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Matthew Bramson

Founder and builder of multiple enterprise tech companies, a C-Level marketing strategist and a globally renowned sales builder.

Global Managing Partner

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A proven leader in cybersecurity & threat intelligence with 15+ years of experience in mission-critical military, public and private sector work.

Director, Global Board

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Richard Staynings

A globally renowned thought leader, author, public speaker and advocate for cybersecurity with 25+ years of experience in healthcare security.

Director, Global Board

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Myron Mallia-Dare

A seasoned corporate finance and M&A lawyer, author, and thought leader with significant experience in the technology sector.

Managing Partner, Canada

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Jana Krioukov

An elite cyber risk auditor, consultant and a celebrated ISFP member with a history of success in non-profit and financial services industries.

Director, Global Board

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Angel Orrantia

An attorney and an executive with 10+ years of experience in forming strategic alliances with Fortune 100 companies to build iconic brands.

Principal Advisor

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Rajneesh Sethi

A sought-after consultant and a thought leader on cybersecurity issues and global threats to federal authorities and business communities.

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