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Managed Security Services

Prevent. Detect. Respond. 24/7/365.

Why Wembley Partners'
Managed Security Services?

All of Your Assets.
All The Time.

From Office 365 to on-premises or cloud infrastructure, and even IoT devices, such as ATMs and barcode scanners, we've got you covered.

Response Time.

All alerts are analyzed and investigated within a 30-minute window, 24/7/365, making sure that your guard is always up.


Our pricing is based on tangible assets, such as the number of servers or users, not on hard-to-predict and ever-growing event or log volumes.

The Problem

Cyber threat actors don't respect your evenings or weekends off.


In fact, they use such times of reduced vigilance to their advantage. Continuing on the trend set during the first half of 2020, 14% of cyber attacks occur during the weekends (Saturday and Sunday, combined), while the most active day of the week is Friday, when 21% of all detected threats are observed.


Such attacks have a much higher rate of succeeding, especially if a robust 24x7 detection & response coverage of your organization's digital environment is lacking.

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The Price of Security


The average base salary of a security analyst, excluding bonuses, benefits and other additional costs.


The average annual cost of a fully staffed 24/7 Security Operations Centre for a midsize organization.


Months needed to build a functional internal Security Operations Centre, including recruitment and training.

Wembley Partners'
Managed Security Services


Full-time security resources rotated 24/7/365 and ready to respond to attacks on your business.


Reduction of costs associated with cyber incident response and management. 


Month required to setup Wembley Partners' Managed Security Services monitoring and virtual SOC.


Complete Infrastructure Visibility

Your entire infrastructure, including IoT devices, email and cloud, is monitored around the clock, enabling rapid attack detection and incident triage.

Holistic Attack Detection

Combining advanced host-level alerts with threat hunting, hidden file and process detection, user activity monitoring, DLP, and much more.

Executive Briefings & Advisory

Recurring and post-incident briefings for your technical and business stakeholders, providing context and guiding overall cyber risk mitigation.


24/7/365 Cyber Incident Response

Rotating staff of expert incident responders provides live eyes-on-glass and ensures swift action at all times using the Follow-the-Sun model.

Dedicated Contact & Full Team

A senior expert available at all times will be assigned as your point of contact, backed by a fully staffed global Security Operations Centre.

An Extension of Your Team

We'll work closely with your IT and business employees and partners to ensure collaboration and across-the-board familiarity with the process.


Vulnerability Scanning & Reporting

Ongoing vulnerability assessments help you find the weaknesses in your infrastructure and take corrective action before attackers exploit them.

Remediation Support & Guidance

Our experts will not stop at providing a detailed overview of the impacts and remediation steps, but will actively support you during implementation.

Compliance & Risk Management

Mapping of security alerts and controls to compliance requirements within standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, and others.


Your Subject Matter Expert


A skilled systems engineering and security research leader with over 10 years of experience in systems and network security management, geopolitical security intelligence dissemination and analysis, as well as digital forensics, incident management, reverse engineering, data mining, malware analysis and cyber threat intelligence.

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