Who and how

targets your business from cyberspace?


It's hard to fight an enemy you know nothing about.

Threat intelligence helps companies gain valuable knowledge about cyber threats, build effective defense mechanisms, and mitigate the risks that could damage their bottom line and reputation.

We collect and organize information from public and private sources alike - including the surface Web, Deep Web, and Dark Web - and study this data to formulate and readily issue threat intelligence reports, alerts and in-depth studies, providing you with a detailed and well-rounded view of your current exposure, in-progress and upcoming attacks, as well as how to avoid them.

Why Does Threat Intelligence Matter?


Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Program

Implementation of a market-leading CTI program, including analysis, planning, design, execution, training, and more.




Managed Service

Proactive cyber threat mitigation via Dark Web monitoring, threat alerts, exposure management, IoCs, on-demand reporting, and more.




CTI Platform

Cyber Threat Intelligence and digital forensics platform with support for 28+ global feeds combining malware, incidents, vulnerabilities, and more.

Your Subject Matter Expert


A skilled, CREST CTI certified cyber threat intelligence leader with over 15 years of experience in government, military and private sectors, and a wealth of expertise in delivering complex, technical solutions on mission-critical projects. Martyn has a long history of active collaboration with NCSC and global intelligence hubs.

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