Once crisis strikes,

does your team

know exactly

what to do?


You might have heard the "with cybersecurity, it isn't a matter of if, but when" cliché. Unfortunately, the phrase is popular for a simple reason: it's true.

Over 6,000 businesses across the globe suffered a cyber breach last year. Perhaps yours was one of them, or perhaps it will be shortly. 7.9 billion records. Over $23,500,000,000 in losses. That's a mind-boggling number: if every dollar was a second, this would take 752 years.

We know that a cyber incident will happen, and you should too. With an average cost of a breach now near $3.86M, it pays to be prepared - and the key is not only your ability to detect an attack, but knowing exactly what to do when it happens. This is where your Cyber Incident Response program comes in.

Is Hope a Part of Your Cyber Strategy?
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Full Cyber Incident

Response Program

Implementation of a market-leading Incident Response program, including analysis, planning, design, execution, cross-functional training, and more.

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Digital Forensics &
Incident Response

Breached? Hire our Digital Forensics team and handle the attack in the most efficient manner possible. Retainer options available.

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