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UK's Financial Sector Software Startup Needed a Competitive Advantage

Services: Intelligence-Led Penetration Testing, Managed Threat Services


Key Success Metric: Ability to onboard major, but reluctant and cyber risk-conscious public sector customers

Value Delivered: Over £500,000 (CAD $850,850)

The Challenge

A well-established growth stage UK startup offering next-generation CRM and Case Management Software to Legal, Government, Finance, and Collections organizations was rapidly expanding. An opportunity presented itself to gain a significant market share by offering solutions to key public sector customers, however, a condition was posed: there must be cyber risk assurance measures in place to guarantee safety, privacy, and regulatory compliance of all digital assets.


Wembley Partners have been contacted to provide the client with intelligence-led managed cybersecurity services, supporting the understanding of threats targeting in-scope SaaS platforms, cloud-hosted infrastructure, and Managed Service Providers as well as to advise on best practices and bespoke recommendations to help mitigate the threats and vulnerabilities that were discovered.

Our Work

  • Indicator & Warning Cyber Threat Intelligence Managed Service, supporting the client in identifying vulnerabilities labeled as threats to both the estate and SaaS products.

  • Intelligence-Led Penetration Testing, leveraging the knowledge of real-world threats via the Indicator & Warning Cyber Threat Intelligence Managed Service and the tiered penetration testing model, targeting the platforms, systems, and products in scope to simulate a real-life cyber-attack performed by a known adversary.

  • Cyber Risk Advisory, a bespoke interim advisory offering that enabled the client to gain timely, high-quality guidance on navigating complex cyber risk, privacy, compliance, and strategic challenges.

The Result

  • Key public sector customers onboarded successfully, leading to a significant revenue increase.

  • Relevant and detailed warnings are continuously delivered via a Cyber Threat Intelligence alert service when a threat is identified and mapped to the client’s key asset list by our analysts.

  • Executive and technical Penetration Test reports delivered, outlining current cybersecurity posture, discovered vulnerabilities, results of exploitation attempts, and cyber risk remediation recommendations.

  • Reports are reviewed with stakeholders in a detailed manner to ensure complete understanding, and ongoing guidance is provided to ensure correct mitigation recommendations implementation.

  • Intelligence Summary Digest delivered monthly via our Threat Intelligence portal, AEGIS™.

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