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Today, the reality is that every individual, business and government is connected to the Internet. As such, everybody is vulnerable to cyberattacks, and as types and sophistication of these attacks continue to grow, it becomes increasingly obvious that not all of them will be understood and responded to quickly.

Any attack, however, requires a vulnerability - a weakness in your people, systems, or processes - to succeed. Identifying such weaknesses before threat actors do and remediating them in a timely fashion is one of the key elements of an effective cybersecurity program.

What is a Threat Intelligence-Led Penetration Test?
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Program Design

Implementation of a market-leading Cybersecurity program, including CSF Benchmark analysis, planning, design, execution, training, and more.

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Cloud and Application Security Testing

Assessments of cloud and container security, application codebase security, disaster recovery controls, developer team training and more.

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Vulnerability Assessments & Penetration Testing

CREST STAR framework-based vulnerability assessments and Penetration Testing services for cloud, on-prem and hybrid infrastructures.

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An experienced management and cyber risk consultant with a demonstrated history of success in the non-profit and financial services industries. A skilled systems auditor, enterprise integration architect, DevOps lead and penetration tester, Jana holds a distinguished degree from York University.

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