Connect The Dots.



Wouldn't it be great to always know who, why and how targets your business in cyberspace? All in one place.
AEGIS is a breakthrough cyber threat intelligence aggregation platform that collects, analyzes, and processes data across 28+ global sources within the Surface, Deep and Dark Web and combines it together using cutting edge Artificial Intelligence algorithms.
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Who Uses AEGIS ?

Threat Researchers & Security Analysts

The ability to browse Reports, Malware, APT data, Indicators of Compromise and much more at every stage of the MITRE kill chain and connect the dots between different types of threat intelligence using an advanced graph GUI provides unparallelled threat hunting capabilities.

Information Security Executives

Browsing threats, attack vectors and targeted Crown Jewels specific to countries, industries and even a particular company aid executives in optimally distributing their cybersecurity budgets and cyber controls placement.


Cyber Incident Responders

Detailed insights into particular threat actor's Tools, Tactics and Procedures, connected to malware hashes, CVE vulnerabilities data and digital forensics capabilities enable proactive identification, containment, and eradication of cybersecurity incidents.

On The Shoulders of Giants: We've built it the smart way. An OpenCTI-based platform, AEGIS uses cutting edge frameworks and platforms like MITRE, MISP, CWE and more to bring you technical (such as TTPs and observables) and non-technical information (such as suggested attribution and victimology) while linking each piece of information to its primary source (such as a report, or a MISP event).
Combined with a sophisticated unified and consistent data model making the best use of STIX2 standards, AI for deductive reasoning-based inferred relationship building between the data points, as well as hypergraph entity management mechanism for visualization, AEGIS™  is a one-stop-shop for cyber threat research and investigatory needs.
Verified Threat Intelligence: All intelligence data within AEGIS is carefully monitored and curated by our trained Security Operations Centre analysts to ensure relevance and accuracy.
Purpose-Built For Your Needs: Whether you are using it as a Community Sandbox edition, a standalone Professional version or a fully bespoke Enterprise deployment, you are sure to find both the usability and the price point perfect for your threat hunting, digital forensics and threat intelligence aggregation needs.
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