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Cybersecurity is not a point-in-time exercise. See how we help our clients at every step of the way.

Brittany Khan

Executive Director

Wembley Partners delivered a full spectrum Intelligence-led PenTest, and the Cyber Threat Intelligence report from Martyn provided a surprising amount of insights on the very first day.

Ashley Meyer

Manager, Cybersecurity

Competent leadership and great value. We made a switch from our current provider to Wembley Partners after their professional, precise cyber risk assessment with clear actionable reports.

Marty Smith

Director, Information Technology

Excellent, professional service from knowledgeable people who genuinely seem to care about what they do, and whose primary concern is their clients well-being.



Cyber Threat


Learn who targets your company in cyberspace, how they do it, and if they have been successful already.

Cyber Incident Response


Formulate a bespoke plan covering cyber crisis management activities down to the smallest detail. 

Intelligence-Led Penetration Testing

Understand how an attacker could compromise your organization through exposed vulnerabilities.

Cybersecurity Program


Optimize your cybersecurity budget by designing a program aligned with NIST CSF and COBIT2019.




Check if a cyber breach already occurred, find out how it happened and how to prevent it going forward.

Managed Detection & Response

Gain dynamic, real-time protection from cyber threats with this full service threat management offering.


Cyber Threat Intelligence

Who is Targeting My Business in Cyberspace?

Threat intelligence helps companies gain valuable knowledge about cyber threats, build effective defense mechanisms, and mitigate the risks that could damage their bottom line and reputation.

We collect and organize information from public and private sources alike - including the surface Web, Deep Web, and Dark Web - and study this data to formulate and readily issue threat intelligence reports, alerts and in-depth studies, providing our clients with a detailed and well-rounded view of their current exposure, in-progress and upcoming attacks, as well as how to avoid them.

What you get:

  • Regular and on-demand threat reports, outlining your current state of compromise, planned and in-progress attacks against you, mitigation steps and more

  • Timely alerts when a relevant threat is detected


How is My Business Vulnerable?

Penetration Testing is key in determining how your organization can be successfully breached by cyber threat actors - and how to prevent that from happening.

Expenses associated with a typical Penetration Test are just 0.004% of those associated with an average data breach or other cyber incidents, making regular Penetration Testing a common audit, compliance, and even cyber insurance requirement.

We set ourselves apart from the crowd by leveraging our advanced Cyber Threat Intelligence practice and using our knowledge of real threat actors targeting your business as an input during the test. Compliant with cutting-edge ethical frameworks like CREST STAR and TIBER-EU, this approach allows you to get a realistic view of how vulnerabilities can be exploited by an actual, relevant threat.

What you get:


  • Cyber Threat Intelligence report with in-depth details of your current exposure (such as leaked credentials), attack surface and mitigation recommendations

  • Penetration Testing report outlining each of the vulnerabilities we've discovered, steps our team took to exploit them, consequences if they were exploited and detailed mitigation steps








Have I Been Breached Already?

On average, companies in 2020 take about 197 days to identify and 69 days to contain a cyber breach. This lengthy amount of time costs businesses millions in regulatory fines, litigation, reputational damage, and direct resource expenses. Ask yourself: are you confident in your organization's ability to detect a sophisticated cyber threat presence?

Detecting a breach, as well as evaluating its extent as soon as possible and starting containment and eradication procedures is key to minimizing the damage it causes.

What you get:


  • A detailed report outlining your current status of cyber compromise, based on relevant Indicators of Compromise (IoCs), such as malicious inbound and outbound traffic, malware, system behavior anomalies and more

  • If a breach is discovered, we will reconstruct the timeline of events and perform an investigation


Do I Know Exactly What to Do During a Cyber Incident?

86% of businesses experience a cyber attack of some magnitude on a daily basis. Most end up nowhere, yet some 6% get through, while 8 out of 10 of organizations do not have a Cyber Incident Response plan.

Each member of your team, and often even your vendors and business partners need to bring their absolute "A game" and know exactly what to do during a cyber crisis.

What you get:


  • Detailed Cyber Incident Response Plan prepared just for you encompassing preparation, identification, containment, eradication, recovery, external communications and much more

  • Cyber Incident Response Playbooks to guide your technical and leadership teams step-by-step through specific high-risk scenarios 

Cyber Incident







Am I Spending My Cybersecurity Budget Most Efficiently?

Approximately $6 trillion will be spent on cybersecurity globally this year. Yet, breaches and attacks aren't showing signs of slowing down. Numbers speak for themselves, and your investment in cybersecurity must go hand-to-hand with an intelligent strategy to demonstrate real measurable results.

We will assess your current state - including any existing cybersecurity strategies and solutions - to identify strengths, weaknesses, and gaps, and create a custom and detailed roadmap to follow.

What you get:


  • A clear view of the current state of your cybersecurity program, complete with its wins and shortcomings

  • Industry peer benchmarking report

  • A milestone-based roadmap to an ideal future state, based on industry peer benchmarking


Am I Able to Detect and Respond to Cyber Threats in Real Time?

Responding to cyber threats of varying sophistication on a daily basis can be a daunting task for your staff, especially if it stacks on top of their core daily duties, such as IT work.


A dedicated and experienced cyber team equipped with top-of-the-line tools can be the difference between a single line in a quarterly report and a financially and reputationally ruinous incident.


We've developed our own patented products and partnered up with some of the best, such as Arctic Wolf and Alien Vault, to provide your organization with the cyber team it needs.

What you get:


  • A globally certified team of professionals with a minimum of 8 years experience each, dedicated to protecting your business from cyber threats 24/7/365

  • Top-of-the-line tools, including our proprietary AEGIS™ Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform

  • Regular threat intelligence reports, alerts and briefings even when no active threat is detected

Managed Detection &